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Here at HOSB only the most effective skin services are offered. We keep up with industry trends and secrets to offer services that are timeless, and give you baby smooth skin. 

Our service providers are highly trained experts.

Our Services


Dermaplaning removes dead skin and light peach fuzz from your face, revealing smoother skin that’s brighter and has a more even texture. You'll see a reduction in acne scars and fine lines.

Dermaplaning promotes collagen growth while causing no irritation but is more effective than some exfoliants.



We use our regular technique of dermaplaning, then add a very mild peel to remove any skin that wasn't removed during the initial application. We then add a hydrating masque to cool off and add nutrients back into your skin.

What we need you to know

  • What does dermaplaning do?
  • Dermaplaning is a exfoliation technique that removes and reduces the appearance of fine lines, sun spots, dead skin cells, and hair from your face. This technique utilizes a microblade scrape these particles and pollutants off in a noninvasive and painless manner.
  • Who should avoid dermaplaning?
  • While dermaplaning is considered to be an effective treatment for many skin conditions, we will not offer this service to you if you’re currently taking retinoid medications. Dermaplaning should be delayed by 5 days if you’ve recently tanned or used any exfoliating scrubs to allow your skin time to heal.
  • How does dermaplaning work?
  • During a dermaplaning treatment we will soothe your skin with a serum that cleans, moisturizes, and prepares your skin for the procedure. Then we gently scrape a microblade tool at a 45-degree angle across your skin. Afterward, a soothing masque is applied to the skin to both nourish and hydrate it.
  • Dermaplaning can be used with EXTREMELY MILD chemical peels depending on your skincare needs.
  • What can I expect after dermaplaning?
  • Dermaplaning is the least invasive and least irritating method for maximum exfoliation. You must take care of your skin DAILY with your regular or advised regimen. You also have to apply sunscreen to your face after treatment and daily to ensure you’re protected from UV damage to your new skin layers. Oftentimes, more than one skin treatment can be joined with dermaplaning to increase the benefit that this treatment and others offer.